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Ben Fillmore

The morning was bitter cold, as so many had been of late. A current of despair ran deep through the hearts of man. The new year was only days away, taunting the world with a promise of new beginnings. Unfortunately, the Darkness would consume everything before the year turned. Unseen by mortal eyes, it pervaded the entire globe, wrapping its smokey tendrils through the very soul of mankind. The Darkness had nearly completed its vile task, creation would be undone, and not a single person was aware of it.

A child was born. The Darkness trembled with anticipation. Here was one more life for it to embrace. One step closer to the end. It reached out slowly, almost tenderly, poised to stroke the child's brow. The moment it touched the newborn's skin, however, it recoiled violently. Something was wrong. Weakness spread through it from the point of contact. The Darkness fled, unsure of what was happening. As strength poured ever more quickly from it, the Darkness felt something unfamiliar. Fear. It released its grip on mankind, retreating to its secret places to nurse its wounds.

The child had saved an unknowing world. It won't remain safe forever. Even now the Darkness builds its strength in secret, waiting for the time to exact its revenge and complete its purpose. The child, now grown into a man, remains vigilant. He arduously prepares for his coming battle with the Darkness. The fate of the world, it seems, rests on his humble shoulders.

In his spare time he enjoys writing software.